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Parham K.
Auto Detailing Specialist
Certified by
International Detailing Association
Recognized as
Detailer of the Year in 2021

About Parham - Biography

Parham discovered his passion for cars at a young age, mesmerized by their shine and the roar of their engines. Transforming his passion into a profession, he has spent over a decade mastering the art of car detailing.

With a keen eye for detail and a relentless pursuit of perfection, Parham ensures every car he touches reflects his dedication and expertise. Beyond the shine, it's the smiles of satisfied clients that truly drive him.

Expertise and Specializations

Paint Correction
Reviving car paint to its original splendor, removing swirls and scratches to unveil a mirror-like finish.
Ceramic Coatings
Apply advanced ceramic coatings to protect and preserve paintwork, ensuring your car stays pristine in any weather.
Car Detailing
Parham offers comprehensive car detailing services that go beyond the surface. From deep interior cleaning to engine bay restoration, he uses only the finest products and methods to rejuvenate every aspect of your vehicle. His detailing ensures every nook and cranny shines, enhancing both appearance and longevity.

Experience and Certification

Began professional journey in car detailing
Certified Master Detailer from the International Detailing Association
Specialized in Ceramic Coating Technology

Notable Projects & Achievements

'Detailer of the Year' in 2021 by the National Car Care Council

Testimonials & Reviews from Clients

Overall Satisfaction
5 out of 5
Alex R.
Parham transformed my aging sedan into a showpiece. His attention to detail and dedication is unmatched
Parham was very nice and easy going, I appreciated that he messaged me directly and kept me updated with his arrival time. The car smelled like cleaning supplies which I love and he really cleared out all the crumbs around the car.
Stewe W.
Parham worked through even the rain! Couldn’t be happier and would definitely have them back next time!
David O.
Parham did such an amazing job! Took care of everything right from the start and made sure to take his time with my car. I’m very impressive with the service I would recommend this to everyone.
Jamie B.
Great experience with Parham. He did a fantastic job getting my car back to shining!
Russel D.
Had Parham detail my VW Atlas this morning. Incredible attention to detail and customer service. Absolutely fantastic experience and end result. Highly recommended!!!
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