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Panda specializes in mobile car detailing that’s easy for you.
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Panda specializes in mobile car detailing. This means we bring our auto cleaning services right to your doorstep — literally.
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Letter from our Founder.

Remember those days when we were young, our parents would insist we tidy up our rooms? We'd drag our feet to do it, but once the room was spotless, we'd run to watch TV or play video games. It was only when bedtime approached that we'd open our bedroom doors, feeling a sense of calmness and pride wash over us. That simplicity and order have always been something I've been drawn to. In short, my OCD, coupled with my passion for cars lead me towards this industry.

In 2019, I was just another car enthusiast, regularly visiting a local car detailing shop. Oddly, I could only remember its location, never its name. During one such visit, inspiration hit. I wondered, "Isn't there a more convenient way?" I quickly turned to Google and typed in “mobile car detailing.”

I soon encountered two intriguing points. First, there were very few mobile detail companies around. Second, they were buried in the SEO rankings, Without wasting time, I drove home in my freshly cleaned car and dove into research. I discovered that the multi-billion dollar car detailing industry lacked a clear leader, not only in Toronto, Canada, but across North America. It was a fragmented industry, and it raised many questions, and I wanted answers or I would create the answer.

Putting together a spreadsheet and a pretty basic pitch deck, I began reaching out to various detailing companies in search of insights, problems, and a potential business partner. I scheduled exactly nine meetings with different car detailing businesses and quickly realized a significant gap in the industry. Determined to learn more, I began researching and connecting with detailing businesses. After speaking with numerous detailers, a pattern emerged. There were many skilled technicians, but few who combined that skill with a strategic business mindset. When I approached one about a partnership, his response was, "You're bringing me ideas when I already have a business."

Voila, the very next day. A targeted ad on social media for a mobile car detailing service. A mobile detailer who was running paid ads? can’t be. I reached out immediately and set up a meeting.

I went to the shop and when I met the person behind the ads, I was impressed, so I passionately pitched my idea. By the end of our meeting, I knew I had found my co-founder. We shared the same vision: to reshape the car detailing industry.

After getting to know one another, we both recognized that by creating a platform for customers to find trusted and vetted mobile detailers, Not only would this connect clients with exceptional services, but it would also provide consistent business for detailers. They could upload their schedules and accept service requests when they had availability. They could upload their schedules, accept requests based on their availability, and both could rely on our platform for secure payments.

We tactically and strategically made a game plan, set goals, rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Starting with our own fleet of mobile detailing vehicles, we delved deep into the industry. After scaling to 15 vehicles and gaining invaluable insights over two years, we embarked on our next phase: building the app. We onboarded our brilliant CTO, raised funds, and built a robust team to bring our vision to life. With 2 years of in-depth industry experience under our belts, tackling the challenges from both the supply and demand, we paved the way to build this ecosystem for millions to enjoy.

Our mission is to continuously provide a seamless platform for clients to conveniently schedule car detailing from the comfort of their homes whilst connecting them to skilled and vetted #pandapartners. We believe in empowering both customers and detailers, bridging the gap, and creating a marketplace where everyone wins.

I thank you for joining us on this incredible journey,

Warm regards,
Co-founder, Panda Hub