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Panda Hub Pro Washing A Car
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Panda Hub is rated 4.9/5 stars in over 10,000+ reviews.

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THE ONLY REVIEW YOU NEED TO READ!! I got a Ferarri THAT HAS WHITE INTERIOR which gets dirty just by wearing jeans!!!, i usually take my car into the detail shop. My buddy showed me Panda Hub and said Dillon brooks owns this company, and now you can get mobile car detailers to come to you. I gave it a shot and LET ME TELL YOU, if you pick the right car detailer (I picked La Sheena from Houston) and She was incredible! i'm telling you this is it!!
Robert E.
Rosedale, Toronto, ON
As a solo driver, my jeep is usually really clean. I booked the panda X package, and it really was perfect. It’s as if the car wash at the gas station came to me. I recommend this package for anyone that wants a touch up.
Miguel A.
Downtown Houston, TX
I drive a Mercedes ML SUV and because my interior is white it gets really dirty especially when i wear jeans, I was debating between panda blacka nd revive and I went with the panda blacka nd my car looks new again!!!1
Stacy Davis
Spring, TX
The entire process was amazing, customer satisfaction was top notch. I picked James in Austin,Tx and he was so kind and did the Panda Revive on my corvette and I was amazed!
Scarborough, Toronto, ON
Certified by Rolls Royce Owner pt. 2
Sean Davis
Thunder Bay, ON
I recommend first booking a Panda Black or Revive, then getting Panda X, once or twice a month depending on your finances. It keeps my porsche clean all year long.
Teresa A.
Midtown Houston, TX
I got this for free when the Panda was in the trial mode, and i have been a customer ever since
David Brown
Cypress, Houston, TX
my car has never been detailed before this was my very first time, I saw an ad online. I did a bit of research to find the best package and I picked the panda black. It is more expensive then the x and revive. But if you haven't cleaned your car in some time you will love this! its a breath of fresh air to go from how dirty your old car is to seeing it new again is a feeling that i can't describe! trust me and pick the panda black package and spend more time pickign the detailer.
Linda Johnson
The Woodlands, TX
Getting into my car the next day was a feeling that words can't explain
Joseph N.
Austin, TX
I book the Panda black once a month! -- I drive a roll royce Cullinan with blue interior, i don't trust just anyone with my car.
Michael V.
League City, TX
Love it
José M.
Woodlands, Houston, TX
Having the price specific to my actual car is actually incredible! other companies charge by "sedan, SUV etc." i drive range rover and it turned out amazing!!
Michael P.
Conroe, TX
My husband and I both got our cars detailed, he drives a work truck and I drive a honda civic. The Panda revive package was ELITE!!!
Melissa Johnson
Oakville, ON
Finding the best car detailer is one thing, but having a package for upkeep at this price is something else
Sandra M.
Memorial, Houston, TX
what an experience! would only recommened this package.
Linda Davis
Burlington, ON
My benz needs this once a month
Kimberly Clark
Galveston, TX
Tony from Dallas, TX is amazing
Patricia Garcia
Houston, TX
Great for upkeep
Ana Y.
Little Italy, Toronto, ON
Got the Panda X for my porsche and it was great!
Robert Jones
Clear Lake, Houston, TX
Superb detailing with Panda Revive, my car shines like never before - excellent!
Susan Williams
Sugar Land, TX
Certified by Ferarri Owner
Joseph A.
London, ON
Made my maseratiii looking new again!!!
Jessica L.
Beaches, Toronto, ON
got this for my daughter and she was sooo happy!
Joseph N.
Waterloo, ON
My co-worker bought me this and i was amazed, got the car detailed at work!
Barbara Wilson
Ontario, ON
The panda black is literally the best package on the market
Linda T.
Guelph, ON
Excellent experience
Steven Thomas
Liberty Village, Toronto, ON
I have a todler and my car (mercedes SUV) gets messy, the Panda BlK package brought my car back to life
Mary A.
Barrie, ON
excellent work
Diego T.
Queen Street West, Toronto, ON
Don't get tricked by the pricing this is perfect for a fresh up
Betty Harris
Pearland, Houston, TX
IF YOUR CAR IS DIRTY!!! I recommend booking the black package the first time then getting the panda x every so often to maintain it! I have been doing that for the past 3 month and my car is ALWAYS clean!
James Williams
British Columbia, BC
from 10,000+ reviews
Dillon Brooks, NBA Player Journey from User to Investor on Panda Hub

Dillon Brooks: Journey from user to investor

As a professional NBA player, my schedule is always packed. Between training sessions, games, and personal commitments, finding time for errands like car detailing can be a challenge. That's where Panda Hub has made a significant difference in my life.
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