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How To Prevent Your Car Being Stolen

Here are some ways you can reduce the likelihood of your car being stolen, with advice from law enforcement included.
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Lily Bennett, Apr 02, 2024

Car theft is a topic reaching notoriety previously unheard of, with Canada suffering nationwide.

Toronto alone saw a 128.2% increase in car thefts from 2019 to 2023, reaching a new height of  12,008 stolen cars in a year. 

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People paying for parking in secure locations are falling victim to the major wave of theft, as well as homeowners suffering break and entry cases as criminals search for their car keys.

So how do you lower the chances of your car being stolen, what should you do? We’ve looked far and wide for the best solutions.

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A large factor of cars being stolen is where they’re parked, and while parking itself is a contentious issue in major Canadian cities, there are factors that can influence whether your car is even on a potential thief’s radar.

Park your car in a garage if possible - Making access a level harder, as well as concealing your car from the street and having security cameras within, you can deter unwelcome visitors as well as add another layer of security to your car.

Exterior lighting - Having motion activated lights can be a huge asset in protecting your home, as it signals to all visitors that somebody is likely to be home, and they can’t approach from the dark.

Home security - Alarms and cameras are a major asset to any homeowner for many reasons, but having a direct line to monitoring your home, as well as potential evidence from any footage is a major deterrent to many thieves.

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Another way to ensure another layer of protection is to have your car fitted with devices that can deter and inconvenience thieves. Donut Media published a YouTube video testing a variety of different Anti-Theft devices, which you can see here.

Trackers - Trackers are being built into cars more often than ever, but you may wish to fit your car with a third party tracker to ensure you always know where your car is. Trackers have been proven effective by victims of theft in tracking their lost property.

Kill Switch - Kill Switches are a guaranteed way to ensure that your vehicle won’t start without prior flicking a switch, twisting a knob or using a combination of buttons available. They’re highly effective in preventing wannabe thieves from being able to start your car. However, please be aware that kill switches can void warranties and may not always be a suitable option for your situation.

Advanced alarms - There are alarms available that are customisable, can notify your phone and begin recording cabin footage when the alarm is triggered. There is an abundance of options, but be wary of installing third party alarms that may void your warranty.

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Best Practice

As well as focusing on where you park your car, there are other ways to reduce the likelihood of ending up on a thief’s radar, or making it harder for them to get near or away.

Don’t inform people that you’re on vacation - Thieves have become increasingly clever, and will monitor potential victims' social media to find out whether they’re actually at home or not.

Make your security obvious - Showcase the fact that you have cameras recording your driveway, let it be known that you have a dog. All of these factors will affect whether a thief will pluck up the coverage to make a move.

Report suspicious activity - Be vigilant, but don’t feel inclined to get involved. It is best to report suspicious activity to the police, as opposed to intervening yourself. Your safety is paramount, don’t get involved.

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Toronto Police Service - a detailed guide on preventing theft, as well as what to do in the event that your car is stolen.

Équité Association - some further steps and advice from a not-for-profit insurance organization.

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