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Lamborghini’s New Logo - What Changed?

Dive into a breakdown of Lamborghini’s most recent logo changes, as well as a history of how the logo came to be. Find out more with Panda Hub.‍
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Chloe Miller, Apr 05, 2024

Lamborghini have announced a corporate redesign to their visual identity, including changes to their logo and releasing an official new typeface. But what did they actually change?

The iconic tractor manufacturer turned luxury supercar manufacturer announced the changes on the 28th of March, ready to make a change.

However, the deployment has been met with mixed reviews.

Lamborghini’s New Logo - What Changed? | Panda Hub

Why Did Lamborghini Change Their Logo?

The changes are intended to signify changes within their corporate attitude, reflecting “Lamborghini’s new trajectory focused on sustainability and decarbonization” and supposedly “embodies innovation and determination”. It certainly reflects a holistic shift in the attitudes of the company, and possibly means that we’ll see a change in approach from their cars in the future.

Lamborghini deployed the rebrand via their official X account and their website.

Rebrands and changes to iconic brands are often met with confusion or hostility from consumers, and Lamborghini were likely to understand this.

However, only time will tell if the rebrand has been successful. You can find many examples of past failed rebrands, such as Pepsi, GAP and Mastercard. 

What Changed With The Lamborghini Logo?

Well, not as much as you may assume. The iconic bull remains, with minor stylistic changes.

However, it is no longer primarily gold. Black and White are now primary colors within Lamborghini branding, and the iconic gold and yellow are now accents.

The stylistic changes also include a dimensional change (no longer sporting an embossed 3d effect), and the lettering is now broader, to reflect the shape of their cars. 

Lamborghini’s New Logo - What Changed? | Panda Hub

Lamborghini History

The iconic manufacturer has a founding story fitting of the legendary reputation it bears, from tractors to luxury supercars, and a deep rooted theme of success.

Why did they use a bull for the Lamborghini Logo?

This has 2 reasons commonly cited; the first being that it is simply because Ferruccio Lamborghini was a Taurus, and the second being that he was close with a bullfighter by the name of Don Eduardo Miura, and was such a fan of the raging bull that he felt it would be the perfect logo.

Lamborghini’s New Logo - What Changed? | Panda Hub

How did Lamborghini start?

Ferruccio Lamborghini was an owner of highly successful tractor and air conditioning manufacturing companies, and indulged in luxury cars, most notably Maserati and Ferrari.

As a Ferrari connoisseur and automotive expert, he found that Ferrari were using some of the same parts as his tractors. He then began his endeavor to create a G.T. in his own vision. 

“Now I want to make a GT car without faults. Not a technical bomb. Very normal. Very conventional. But a perfect car.” - Ferruccio Lamborghini

What was the first Lamborghini made?

The first production vehicle created by Lamborghini was a 350 GT, a balanced version of the concept 350 GTV designed by Franco Scaglione and released in 1964.

It was a successful launch and established Lamborghini as a rival to Ferrari.

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