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Car Theft In Toronto

Car theft has been named as a national crisis within Canada, with Toronto being a hotspot for cars being stolen. Here’s more information on how car thefts have affected the local area.
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Bella Ward, Mar 26, 2024

Car theft has been named as a national crisis within Canada, with Toronto being a hotspot for cars being stolen. Here’s more information on how car thefts have affected the local area.

Being a car owner comes with a myriad of different problems to face at different times, but one issue you hope to never face is your car being stolen. Unfortunately, car thefts are on a sharp rising trend, with no indications of slowing down.

Car Theft In Toronto | Panda Hub

However, due to increased awareness and vigilance from local and national authorities, we have hope that this trend will begin to taper off and increase the safety of being a car owner. 

Car Theft Statistics - Toronto

Car Theft In Toronto | Panda Hub

In early February 2024, the National Summit on Combating Auto Theft was held to discuss the state of car theft and formulate solutions. Many police departments were in attendance, Toronto Police being one of them. Here are some of the statistics presented at the Summit.


Toronto Police reported that within the city:

  • There were 12,008 car thefts in 2023, an average of 1,001 vehicles were stolen every month.
  • There was a 128.2% increase in car thefts from 2019 to 2023, from 5,262 to 12,008.

Here is the source for more information.

The summit ended with a plan of action to be announced in Winter 2024.

Car Theft In Toronto | Panda Hub

The Most Stolen Vehicles - Ontario

In 2022, the Équité Association released an annual report regarding the most stolen car models in Canada, with provincial data breakdowns.

The most stolen cars in Ontario were:

Top Stolen Car Brands in Toronto | Panda Hub

You can view the full study from Équité Association here.

What Happens to Stolen Cars?

Car Theft In Toronto | Panda Hub

Toronto Police disclosed in the Summit that 15,757 stolen cars had been recovered in 2023, to a value of $545 million. 

When a car is stolen, it can vary significantly on the security within the car, where the car is parked, and available information as to whether the car is recovered. Cars fitted with trackers are often quickly recovered by their owners, with the assistance of police. But which cars are targeted and what happens if they aren’t recovered?

Car Theft In Toronto | Panda Hub

Cars that are parked in complexes with abundant security surveillance and staff, or in private garages are far less likely to be stolen than cars on the street, however, bold thieves and a rising number of car theft related home invasions have resulted in public panic. 


International efforts from law enforcement and news publishers have found that cars that have been stolen from Toronto driveways have ended up all over the globe, even West Africa. Cars are stolen, then shipped from Toronto, Montreal and Halifax to destinations near and afar.

Car Theft In Toronto | Panda Hub


Q) How many cars are stolen in Toronto?

A) 12,008 cars were stolen in Toronto during 2023.

Q) What car is most likely to be stolen in Toronto?

A) Honda CR-Vs were stolen the most in Ontario in 2022.

Q) Is the government addressing car theft?

A) Yes, new initiatives have been created to address the various types of car theft, as well as car theft in certain areas. The federal government pledged $15 million to assist local law enforcement agencies in stopping the rising trend.

Q) How do I prevent my car from being stolen?

A) You can view our article on this here.

Car Theft In Toronto | Panda Hub
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