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Our Panda Car Magnets - What Are They?

Have you wondered why an increasing number of cars in your neighborhood suddenly boast a bold panda emblem on their bumpers? It's not too hard to find and it's a symbol of a cool mobile car detailing company.
Written by
Panda Hub, Mar 06, 2024

You’ve probably seen the Panda Magnets on car bumpers all around by now, but if you missed the memo, here’s why they’re popping up everywhere.

Have you wondered why an increasing number of cars in your neighborhood suddenly boast a bold panda emblem on their bumpers?

Panda Magnet | Panda Hub Mobile Car Detailing

If you have, you've come across the Panda Magnet.

What Is The Panda Car Magnet?

While the design is fantastic, and isn’t to be confused with a sticker, the Panda magnet isn't just there to look nice.

It’s a message, one saying "We're not just coming; we're already here."

Every time you see the Panda magnet, you know we’ve hit the scene and can expect to see us bringing the best mobile detailing service to your neighbors.

Want one for yourself? You can either request one from your detailer, or order one from us directly.

Panda Hub, More Than a Mobile Detail

Panda Hub Mobile Car Detailing

It’s not just about making cars so shiny you can use them as mirrors, it’s not just about giving car owners something to be proud of, it’s about making life as easy as possible for the best possible price for everybody in the community.

The professional detailers on the Panda Hub marketplace aren’t just detailing cars, they’re part of an elite group who want the very best for every car owner in their area.

Discover the Panda Pro Experience

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, why not give Panda Hub a try?

You’ll never find it easier to book a car detailing appointment, and you’ll never have a more convenient experience. Your car will look great, and you won’t have had to lift a finger after booking in with an experienced professional of your choice.

Panda Hub Car Detailing

Panda Hub isn't just a car detailer marketplace; it's an experience, an ecosystem of care that begins and ends with customer satisfaction in mind.

Ultimately, the next time you see that classy Panda magnet, remember it isn't there by chance.

It's a nod to a forward-thinking, tech-savvy enterprise redefining the way we maintain our cars.

Now the real question remains – when will you join the Panda parade?

What is panda text on back of the cars? | Panda Hub

Join the Panda Parade

Want to become a Panda Pro? It's not just a job; it's about being really good at what you do and taking pride in your work.

Every person on the Panda Hub platform, and in the Panda Hub office believes in what we’re doing and wants to ensure every customer is happy, every time.

Check out our Panda Partner page for more information.


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